Glass beadmaking class at Stonemarche Palio

Teaching lampworking at the Tir Mara EKU in 2012. Photo by Leslie Brann.

Teaching lampworking at the Tir Mara EKU in 2012. Photo by Leslie Brann.

Ever admired a glass bead and wondered how it was made? Come find out in a hands-on class offered at the Stonemarche Palio on June 14-16 in Contoocook, NH. This is an SCA event, and though I expect most folks reading my website will know what I am talking about, please take a look at the Newcomer’s Guide to the SCA if this is your first time attending an event with the Society for Creative Anachronism. The full event info is on the East Kingdom Website.

I love the Palio. It’s one of my favorite events for a variety of reasons – it’s on a great site (the Hopkinton Fairgrounds), it’s in my home Barony of Stonemarche, and it’s the only event I’ve ever gone to that regularly runs a series of ridiculous games for all ages. It also hosts equestrian activities. There’s a ton of dramatic pageantry and spectacle.

The details haven’t been finalized yet, but I will bring several torches and a variety of glass to choose from. This class will be hands-on and cover torch safety, basic beadmaking techniques, and discussion of period methods. After everyone’s gotten the chance to make their first bead, repeat customers are welcome as long as the gas holds out. Wear natural fibers and tie back hair, clothing, and any dangly jewelry. There will be a small materials fee.

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