Despite all the research papers I’ve been posting recently, my big thing is glasswork. Specifically, I have made replicas of over a hundred different extant beads from museums in the UK and Scandinavia. I run a small business selling these replicas, which pretty much pays for my glass to keep the hobby going. 🙂

Some of my beads.

Some of my beads. I figure I have made close to 10,000 individual beads in the last few years.

I’ve been participating in the A&S 50 Challenge with the goal of reproducing 50 different period bead patterns. I’ve since met that goal and am now aiming for my second 50 patterns.

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2 Responses to Glasswork

  1. leobalecelad says:

    I like your beads! Do you do any Anglo-Saxon ones? If you check out my blog you’ll see it’s all about food at present, but eventually I hope to get all my Anglo-Saxon stuff up as well.

    • Elinor says:

      I’ve got a bunch of Anglo-Saxon ones! 🙂 I’ll get pictures up over the next few days. This blog is pretty new and I’ve got a lot of stuff to put online.

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